Come share the passion and joy of baking during a personalized bakery experience at the best bakery in the world! You and up to 4 friends/colleagues can learn to make sourdough bread (and your own starter), traditional Greek pies, and tasty savory treats with Kostas, the artisan baker of Zitsa, and his mom Vasiliki. Book your experience now!
As you step into our warm, aromatic bakery, we will greet you with a smile, an apron and a homemade treat of your choice, plus water, tea, or juice.
"Blatsopita" dough
More cheese!
Fresh, local ingredients

Depending on the day and time of your experience, you will have the opportunity to learn personal recipes and master techniques for a wide variety of our handmade baked goods, from our renowned sourdough bread created with our own starter to traditional Greek cookies and pitas.

The Littlest Baker
Feel the dough
Share your ideas
Just add love

Kostas will take you through the baking process from the very beginning – choosing the right high quality ingredients – all the way through to tasting the finished products. You will learn why certain ingredients are added at specific times, how water and air temperature affect the outcome, why we make certain breads or cookies for specific Greek holidays and traditions, and why Kostas LOVES baking and nurturing his village.

Zitsa truly is a magical place and while we work we can share stories about our different cultures, and life in the village in general (there is a lot to learn about this place and we are more than happy to tell you what makes it so special). We can give you some basic Greek lessons as well. And of course when we finish, we get to share in eating what we’ve made. Often while we are baking, Kostas’ mom is alongside us, cooking up some wonderful Greek dishes.

After the lesson, Kostas and his wife Anna will host you for a late lunch at their farm house in which you will partake in the lovely goodies you have made plus some local cheeses, wine, and other classic village dishes.

If there is a specific item you want to make, contact us as soon as you book your experience so we can figure out what day and time is best for you to come.

We can’t wait to bake with you! Book your experience today and come see why The Bakery of the Village really is the best bakery in the world!

< RATES: Adults €42.50 • Children €20 • 2 Adults & 2 children €115 >

Questions about dates or times? Not sure if we can cater to your dietary needs? Contact us today and we can work together to craft an experience you will never forget.