An unforgettable adventure!

Learn how to bake in a Greek Village!

47€ for adults/35€ for kids

From 1 to 20 people
10% discount for groups over 6

As you step into our warm, aromatic bakery, we will greet you with an apron and a homemade treat of your choice.

Then the lessons begin! You will have the opportunity to learn personal recipes and master techniques for a wide variety of our handmade baked goods, from our renowned sourdough bread created with my own starter to traditional Greek cookies and pitas. I will take you through the baking process from the very beginning, all the way to tasting the finished products. Find out why I LOVE baking and nurturing my village. And of course when we finish, we get to share in eating what we’ve made.

Often while we are baking, my mom is alongside us, cooking up some wonderful Greek dishes – if we have time, and she has made enough, we can share the meal.

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Zitsa, Ioannina, Epirus, 44003
Stationary: +30 26580 22591

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Winter hours:
Monday – Saturday: 05:30 – 14:30 & 17:30 – 21:00
Summer hours:
Monday – Saturday: 05:00 – 14:30 & 18:00 – 22:00

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Artisanal bakery products handmade by Kostas

Meet our Baker


My deep passion for baking is perhaps only surpassed by my love of sharing – sharing baking knowledge, culture, my village, and perhaps best of all, sharing food. My wife Anna & I have hosted over 1,000 people in our home, and always the best times are around the kitchen & baking tables.

My father opened the bakery the day after the old village baker closed. He knew the village needed a bakery and he wanted to set something up for his oldest son for the future. My family already had our sheep farm and vineyard. I started working in the bakery 31 years ago, at first just in the mornings before school. I didn’t love it, but over time, I saw how the bakery is the heart of the village – I came to love being able to provide such an important staple to my community. Slowly it became my deep passion and now my art. Every day I create a new!

What our guests are saying

This was an amazing experience! My kids enjoyed it (ages 19 and 15) as well as myself and my mother. All ages would enjoy this experience. It’s hands on and they make you feel like family. They even drove us to and from the local winery while our food was cooking. Then we came back and had a family style dinner eating the delicious food we made, along with a local wine made from one of their friends. They explained the history of the village and opened their doors to their family. It was so beautiful. They even went out of their way to teach my daughter how to make a dessert she loves. I highly recommend. We entered as strangers but left friends. It was amazing and the best airbnb experience I have ever booked!

Ginger / February 2023

It should be no surprise that a baker fosters community. Kostas and Anna are all about supporting and building community through their bakery – among their own and neighboring villages, but also within the broader community of travelers and visitors. The experience was an exceptional lesson in the technical aspects of hands-on learning of local baked items – all delicious. It also provided deep insight to village life and the critical role of the bakery within the village. Kostas and Anna’s story is a lovely one, and the heart and soul they share makes this an experience you will keep with you for a long time, or forever. Don’t hesitate to sign up when you are in the region.

Michael / September 2022

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Joe Tailor / Enterpreuner

Zitsa - Our Village

Zitsa truly is a magical place and while we work we can share stories about our different cultures, and life in the village in general (there is a lot to learn about this place and we are more than happy to tell you what makes Zitsa so special and why there is nowhere else we’d rather be!).

We can give you some basic Greek lessons as well if you want!