Our Sourdough Bread Ingredients

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LOVE – The (Not So) Secret Ingredient: the love of wholesomely nourishing our village, of feeding the world when it comes through our door; the love of promoting cross-cultural exchange and being a social hub for anyone and everyone; the love of fresh, local ingredients and learning new methods and recipes; the love of tradition married to innovation

Creative passion: combining curiosity with artistic and mechanical skills honed over decades; continuously discovering and inventing new creations and new flavors, knowing that there is no limit to what can be achieved; a joyful mind and a hard-working body

Wild yeast: stretching, expanding, rising, wild yeast gives unique texture, funky flavor, and unparalleled aroma to bread; untamed and independent, it needs to be captured and cultivated with care and regular maintenance; wild yeast demands commitment

Salt: helping to control and tame the yeast, salt ensures the bread rises evenly, without tears, and establishes strong gluten bonds; salt also enhances the flavor, providing a balance between the sweetness of the dough and the bitterness of the alkaline by-product of yeast fermentation

Water: minute minerals in water ensure fermentation as they are the food the wild yeast devours; dissolving and dispersing the salt, sugars, and yeast, water contributes to a smooth, evenly flavored dough; water in the form of steam creates a gorgeous crust if applied right when the dough is put in the oven; finally, water is necessary for the formation of gluten

Flour: quality counts; the flour you choose to not only make the bread but also to care for and feed the wild yeast starter will ultimately determine the quality of your finished bread – how well it rises, how much flavor it has, how strong and formed the loaf becomes;  rather than procuring all our flour varieties from one manufacturer (and thereby receiving a bulk discount), we choose the best flour available, no matter who it comes from, because excellence is not negotiable at the Bakery of the Village